Why It’s Hard to Take Radical Liberal Feminists Seriously

Do you know why so many people find it hard to take radical liberal feminists seriously? It’s because they’re wackadoodles, but hey, I love it that they provide us with so many parody opportunities.

There’s this one…


…and this one…


and this one…


…and my FAVORITE…







Shake It Off…Georgia Tech Style

As if there aren’t already enough reasons to LOVE  the smartest public university in the country, here’s one more for you…

Shake It Off Georgia Tech was produced by GTWreckless. It’s a yellow-jackets-inspired lyrical adaptation of Taylor Swift’s mega-hit featuring Georgia Tech senior Maggie Bridges (a.k.a Miss Georgia 2014) and the Georgia Tech all-male a cappella group, SympVibes.

From the YouTube video description:

Georgia Tech students are criticized a lot by non-Georgia Tech students and themselves. We are told that we don’t know how to have fun, we study too much, or we’re just simply a bunch of nerds. Who cares what people say? As Georgia Tech students, we are going to make a difference in this world; And yes, we are nerds. Don’t change who you are to conform to what other people want from you. Remember who you are because you are awesome. Just shake it off Georgia Tech.

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Word of the Day: gruber

A new word has cemented itself into American-English vernacular. The word is…

gruber  (grü ber)


  1. something intended to deceive or defraud;
  2. an arrogant liar


  1. to perpetuate a deception or hoax; to hoodwink

Synonyms: fraud, fake, Nancy Pelosi


  • Only now has the whole story of the fantastic Obamacare gruber been disclosed.

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Net Neutrality? Really?

The first time I heard the phrase “net neutrality” was in this Daily Caller article: Comcast, Time-Warner Tank After Obama Announces Net Neutrality Support. Normally “net neutrality” would sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s a little too PC for my taste, but I confess when I first read that net neutrality means reclassifying ISPs as utilities, I thought it actually could be a good thing for broadband customers because…

Remember this?


Haven’t we all had similar experiences with our ISPs? Seriously, does anybody like Comcast? Or AT&T? Or Time-Warner? I know I don’t and, products and services aside, it always makes me wonder how these companies manage to stay in business with such egregious report cards when it comes to customer service.

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Keep Away from Wackadoodles

Have you seen this? It’s a one minute and 57 second video produced by Hollaback! a non-profit organization dedicated to stomping out traumatic “street harassment” committed against women. ISIS is running around beheading people and the U.S. currently has the largest number of Ebola cases in the world outside of West Africa and terrorists are entering our country via the unsecured Mexican border, but apparently what keeps the folks over at Hollaback! awake a night is the impending threat presented by guys whistling at cute girls. Scary, I know.

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You Say White House Ebola Response Coordinator. I Say Ebola Czar

You say toe-may-toe. I say toe-mah-toe. You say White House Ebola Response Coordinator. I say Ebola Czar. Either way, President Obama’s appointment of Ron Klain has as been a bit of an enigma for most Americans.

I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense to pick someone, say, with an infectious disease or public health background? Or at least some sort of medical doctor? But “he’s strong. He’s very tough,” said CNN political analyst David Gergen. “It’s important in this job to be a coordinator; you have to knock heads together. He’s tough enough to do that.” Okay… now I get it. POTUS was looking for someone to arm wrestle ebola, not actually coordinate the government’s response to the deadly virus. Ron Klain… you da man!

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Democalypse 2014

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat…

“Last week the people who wanted to delay Obamacare were called legislative arsonists and terrorists who were holding the country hostage. This week they’re called Democrats.”

Comment from txhsmom on October 23, 2013 at 7:19 PM

…and there’s more.

You know it’s bad when Jon Stewart accuses liberals of hypocrisy.

Vagina Cookies

Originally published September 30, 2014.

What do you get when you cross a radical liberal feminist with a psycho snack mom?

Photo courtesy: pintrest.com

Photo courtesy: pintrest.com

Vagina cookies!

Seriously, folks, in case you hadn’t heard, some psycho nut-job of a mom baked vagina cookies, delivered them to her kid’s second grade classroom and became unhinged when the teacher politely refused to serve them to her students because (as said teacher calmly pointed out to psycho mom) VAGINA COOKIES ARE NOT APPROPRIATE SNACKS FOR SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN.

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