Open Letter to the Young Mom Sitting Behind Me at the Baseball Game Last Weekend

Dear Young-Mom-Sitting-Behind-Me-at-the-Baseball-Game-Last-Weekend,

Thanks for reminding me I’ve got it pretty easy these days.

10574294_765745246780649_3869567904093771880_nMy sons are grown men. I should be proud and happy and embracing life, but after 25 years of stay-at-home-motherhood, I confess, I sometimes feel irrelevant. I find myself pining for days gone by, forgetting life back then wasn’t always a scene plucked from a Norman Rockwell painting. I suppose missing them has a tendency to cloud my memory. So thank you, Mom-Sitting-Behind-Me-at-the-Baseball-Game-Last-Weekend, for reminding me l’ve got it pretty easy.

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Nuttier Than Squirrel Poop

If I had a nickel for every time I said flush and wash your hands or don’t touch your brother or please use soap on the stinky parts, I’d be a very wealthy woman. As it is, I’m just nuttier than squirrel poop because that’s what raising sons does to you.

You spend the better part of every minute of everyday for two decades focusing all your energy on turning the little savages into civilized human beings and then what do they do? WHAT DO THEY DO? They up and leave. That’s right. They go to college, get jobs, become successful, independent people. Translation: THEY DO NOT NEED YOU ANYMORE. [WATCH]

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Word to the Wise on Valentines Day: Real Men Do Romance


This is the annual Valentines Day reposting of Real Men Do Romance, first published in 2013.

Enjoy… and Happy Valentines Day.

Dear Christian and Jared,

Today is Valentine’s Day so it seems a good day to remind you there’s something to be said for good, old-fashioned, romantic rituals. Even though you probably think Valentine’s Day is mostly a money gauging Hallmark-led conspiracy, rest assured girls still like it. And by the way, did you know Valentine’s Day was first linked to romantic love in the mid-14th century before Hallmark even existed? It was a time when courtly love flourished and a gentleman was expected to be noble and chivalrous in expressing his love and admiration for a lady. Sadly, good, old-fashioned romance has fallen out of style these days.

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Top Ten 2016 Super Bowl Ads

Like most Americans, once a year I stop everything I’m doing on a Sunday night for the mother of all football games. The Super Bowl.

I’m not a big pro football fan. In fact, I follow college sports more closely than I do professional sports, but you’d have to be completely off the grid (or living under a rock) not to know the Carolina Panthers were heavily favored to take the Lombardi trophy home to Charlotte.

I like Cam Newton (who doesn’t love a guy that tosses a game ball to a kid after every touchdown he scores), but Peyton Manning is…well…Peyton Manning and I always root for 1. the underdog and 2. old people.  So while I was pulling for the Broncos (and am happy about the outcome) I was really much more interested in the commercials than I was in the game.

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If You Can’t Be an Athlete, Be an Athletic Supporter

I have fond memories of following my high school basketball team along the road to winning the 1980 Connecticut State Class L Boys Basketball Championships. I remember the excitement evoked by the sound of our collective voices chanting “air ball air ball air ball” when an opposing player missed a free throw.

All our chanting and pointing and jeering was more than just rowdy behavior by a ragtag bunch of high school students. Our coordinated efforts from the student section united us with the guys on the hardwood and entitled us to a share of their success. We were “the sixth man” on that glorious roster and we were the champions!

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