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Hillary Clinton at senate hearing on Benghazi: “What difference does it make?”

Hillary Clinton at senate hearing

It makes a difference to me… and to these men.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.29.46 PM


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FACT: Women with Flat Butts Have Lower IQs Than Women with Fat Butts

A few days ago I offended a bunch of liberal-minded folks by publishing a post on the findings of a Harvard University study, FACT: Liberals Have Lower IQs Than Conservatives. The truth hurts, but still, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s bruised ego so today I  issue the following warning. IF YOU ARE SKINNY WOMAN WITH A FLAT BUTT, PROCEED WITH CAUTION.


Photo Credit: http://www.taprootfoundation.org/about-probono/blog/how-big-your-butt

Based on findings initially made in 2011 by researchers at Oxford University and recently confirmed by a study at the University of Pittsburgh, fat-bottomed girls do, in fact, make the rockin’ world go ’round. Yes sir, we’re not just exceptional twerkers. We are intellectually superior to our skinny, flat-bottomed sisters. And we manufacture freaking genius babies to boot. Seriously, there is actual scientific evidence that children born to bootie-licious mothers turn out to be brainier than kids with skinny-legged, flat-bottomed moms (a.k.a the kind of moms we fat-bottomed moms love to hate even if we are smarter). Anyway, I am absolutely NOT making any of this up and here’s the bio-chemistry “behind” it.

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FACT: Liberals Have Lower IQs than Conservatives

I knew it. Back in 2011 the International Association of Homing Sources reported the results of a study Harvard University conducted over the course of 12 years on 100,000 registered voters from 47 states. The conclusion: on average, liberals have lower IQs than conservatives.  I’m not one to say I told you so, but if the shoe fits…

At an event in Beaverton, Oregon, then Senator Obama claimed to have visited 57 of the 58 United States of America, while campaigning for president. Watch.

At the time Rep. Nancy Pelosi made this statement on job loss, our nation’s population was 309 million people. Watch. And listen. Carefully.

Remember when Rep. Nancy Pelosi lobbied for the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) before actually knowing what was in it? Watch.

 Al Gore taking credit for creating the internet. Enough said. Watch.

 Marie Harf on Hardball with Chris Matthews earlier this year. Seriously. Click here to watch.

marie harf

 And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention liberal hippie air-heads.

Most of us don’t need a 12-year scientific study to draw our own conclusions about liberals, but it’s nice to have data from that bastion of liberal ideology… Harvard University.  Boola. Boola.

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UC Irvine PhD Student, Nick Gallo Op-Ed

Nick Gallo is a second-year PhD student in the department of computer science at UC Irvine and the author of the following op-ed, which appeared in the UCI campus newspaper, the New University on March 11. With his permission, I’m reposting it here. And it is a big fat freaking slice of awesome.  

Photo: Old Glory by Eric Haggart

Photo: Old Glory by Eric Haggart

Last Thursday the ASUCI Legislative Council voted 6-4-2 to ban the display of the American flag in the ASUCI lobby. This triggered a huge backlash among students opposed to the measure and received national media attention. UCI administration immediately went into damage control mode, releasing a statement that these students were “misguided” and that this decision was in no way supported by campus leadership. Chancellor Gillman promptly followed up, lamenting how it is “inevitable” when you get a bunch of “young people” together that some of them will occasionally express views that are “unconventional and even outrageous.” “It was outrageous and indefensible,” he exclaimed “that they would question the appropriateness of displaying the American flag on this great campus.”

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The War on Pubic Hair

I have it on good authority that bros are shaving their nether regions. I can’t say on whose authority because I promised not to name names, but according to this person manscaping has become something of a cultural norm for males under age 30. I’m not talking about waxing to tidy up edges and keep stubborn strays from peeking out tight-whitey leg holes. THAT I can handle. I’m talking about shearing the full monty… complete hairlessness. Bald.

SHAVING-SAYS-A-LOT-ABOUT-A-MAN-LIKE-IM-NOT-ONE-THUMBCall me old fashioned: dudes should not be shaving south of the border. Period. End of discussion. Yet, they are and it makes met wonder. What is prompting this declaration of war on pubic hair? Is it a passing fad spawned by man-thongs and greased up Calvin Klein underwear models? Or is it the manifestation of a psychosocial desire to return to the care-free days of childhood (a.k.a Peter Pan Syndrome)? Maybe it’s a misguided attempt at hygiene? Whatever. It’s still a bad idea, not to mention a wee bit confusing.

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Where Are All the Girls on the Money?

UPDATE: If you agree Margaret Sanger’s inclusion on a list of great American Women is despicable, click HERE to sign the petition.

Women on 20s is a non-profit organization dedicated to convincing President Obama it’s time to remove Andrew Jackson’s face from the $20 bill and replace it with the likeness of a great American woman. The group is rallying online support and site visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite new-face-of-the-twenty-spot from a list of 15 candidates. Why is this important? Watch.

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Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens and Cornbread

Photo Credit: Layron Livingston/Staff www.whio.com

Photo Credit: Layron Livingston/Staff www.whio.com

This is the menu that caused all sorts of angst and hurt feelings recently at Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio because… MANUFACTURED, MISAPPROPRIATED OUTRAGE, Y’ALL!

Apparently the folks in food service at Wright State thought serving authentic soul food would be a nice way to honor black students and guests (daughters of famous civil rights leaders) one day during Black History Month. Think again.

Clearly serving fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens and corn bread is tantamount to saying the N-word. You know, black people are allowed to do it, but it’s racially offensive and degrading if anyone else does it. I’m certainly not advocating use of the N-word. In fact, I find it offensive when anyone, including African Americans, use it.  I’m simply illustrating this as another case of liberal PC double standardization run amuck.

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Cruncles…As in Creepy Uncles

Lots of families have cruncles… as in creepy uncles.

weird uncle leo

Jerry Seinfeld had Cruncle Leo.

weird uncle fester

The Addams Family had Cruncle Fester.

And the good citizens of the United States of America have Cruncle Joe Biden.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.23.01 AM

That’s Stephanie Carter, wife of incoming Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and the latest casualty of socially inappropriate behavior committed by Vice President, Joe Biden. This awkward moment – made all the more awkward by the get-your-paws-off-me-you-psycho-nut-job expression on Stephanie Carter’s face – happened just yesterday. Apparently, Cruncle Joey beckoned Mrs. Carter to stand with him during Secretary Carter’s remarks at his swearing-in ceremony in Washington, DC. The veep then placed his hands on Mrs. Carter’s shoulders (for about 20 seconds) before leaning in to whisper in her ear or cop a sniff of her hair, both equally disconcerting given his eyes were closed at the time. Just another day at the office for Joe Biden…

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