On My Journey to Becoming GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru – Day 2

I promised to take you with me on my journey to becoming Good Morning America’s 21st Century Advice Guru.  This is the second of four sample advice questions on the  job application:

What would you tell his person: “Whenever there is an issue between my mother-in-law and me, my husband refuses to stand up for me. How do I get him to value our relationship more than the one with his mother? (150 words or less)

Following is my response.

YOU can’t get your husband to stand up for YOU? YOU have mother-in-law issues? How do YOU get your husband to value YOUR relationship more than the one with his mother?  WHOA!  Why does your husband need to stand up for you?  PUT ON SOME BIG GIRL PANTIES!  STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!  Better yet, slip your egocentric little feet out of your shoes and into your mother-in-law’s.  Has it occurred to you that you might be equally as, or even more culpable than your mother-in-law?  Assess things through the filter of her eyes.  You’ll likely be humbled.  My advice:  STOP WHINING! GROW UP!  Resolve your mother-in-law issues without your husband’s intervention.  Nurture your relationship with your mother-in-law and you won’t need to worry about your husband’s relationship with her.  You’ll earn your husband’s respect and I guarantee you will inspire him to stand up for you of his own volition.

I welcome your comments and remember I waive my right to invoke the IYCSSN Rule.  Oh!  And don’t forget to vote…Antoinette Datoc for GMA’s 21st Century Advice Guru!