Brilliant Assessment of the Current Pervasive Madness

How Cultural Revolutions Die – Or Not
by Victor David Hanson

They eat their own, unless a cruel dictator rises to unite and control the mob.

Unlike coups or political revolutions, cultural revolutions don’t just change governments or leaders. Instead, they try to redefine entire societies. Their leaders call them “holistic” and “systematic.”

Cultural revolutionaries attack the very referents of our daily lives. The Jacobins’ so-called Reign of Terror during the French Revolution slaughtered Christian clergy, renamed months, and created a new supreme being: Reason. read more

Just Another Ordinary Day Sheltering in Place 4/16/2020

Sheltering in place has afforded me the time to ponder certain things. Today I am pondering my hair. I suppose it’s because I am sporting a stylish pixie these days and I am way overdue for a haircut (and color). Check it out.  Please note, I don’t normally wear that much makeup… or sparkly stuff.  I was prepped for a ballroom competition. Anyway, for the first ten years of my life I sported a very short, not-so-cute (or at least that’s how if felt back then) pixie haircut. That’s me… top row, second from the right. read more

Just Another Ordinary Day Sheltering in Place 4/14/2020

Just another ordinary day sheltering in place…just another Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the White House. I watch them everyday and I have decided my favorite White House correspondents are the ones who, when invited by POTUS to ask a question, begin with Thank you, sir or Thank you, Mr. President. I also discovered I really like Vice President Pence and Surgeon General Jerome Adams. How are these things related? Manners. I like people with good manners.

That’s all.

Just another ordinary day sheltering in place. read more

The Stella Awards

Ever wonder what predicates a company to slap a particular warning label on its product? Take, for example, the cautionary advice routinely found on to-go coffee cups. Seems like one should know pouring hot coffee on one’s crotch (or the crotches of others for that matter) is not a good idea and yet, the baristas at McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera and virtually every coffee vendor in business these days feel compelled to warn against this impending danger. Seems unnecessary… enter Stella Liebeck. read more

Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2020

PSYCHE! Sorry this is not the official unveiling of the Just Another Ordinary Day Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2020, but it’s coming. I promise.

For those of you who are new to JAOD, five years ago we began ranking and sharing the editorial staff’s ten favorite super bowl ads. We plan to carry on this annual tradition, but we’re a little behind. Not only did I not watch the Super Bowl live this year (we hosted a party so I was busy), I’ve yet to find the time to fast forward through the recorded game, resuming normal play speed at the commercials, in order to make a full and proper assessment. While I figure out a way to carve two consecutive hours in one day to spend on this project, we thought we’d post a recap of past year’s winners. Following are links to the those posts. Enjoy and stay tuned for 2020’s list! read more