Not Just A Toilet

Originally published on 11/8/2010.

I was reading my facebook newsfeed recently and was inspired by the following status along with the comments posted in response.

STATUS: While sitting on the toilet, I seem to have my greatest ideas.

COMMENT: I knew I wasn’t the only one!!

COMMENT: And women wonder why we take so long.

COMMENT: And I always thought my husband just ate too much pizza.

Apparently a toilet is not just a toilet.

I am the only female in my household. Well, I’m almost the only female in the household. Pudge, the greatest dog in the entire universe, is also female, but given her preference that the toilet seat be left in the up position, I can’t really count on her to vote my way. read more

Expect the Unexpected When You’re Expecting -2

Originally published on 10/21/2010

Summary of Part One: I peed in my pants. If you need the details, click here.

Despair. That’s what I felt as we rode home from Dr. Katz’s office. It’s bad enough to think you’re in labor and find out that you’re not. It’s worse to discover the new baby is not the only one who is going to need Pampers. Pat offered for us to go out to dinner in an effort to cheer me up. It wasn’t really in our budget, not to mention there were about 47 frozen meals waiting to be consumed at our apartment. We went home, ate meatloaf and cleaned up. That’s when the ache in my back turned from dull to sharp. It wasn’t consistently sharp, but it came in waves. I’d get a sharp pain in my back and then shift positions. As soon as I got comfortable, the sharp pain would strike again. This went on for a while when we decided to call my father-in-law for advice. He was an obstetrician-gynecologist. read more