Dear California: Thank You.

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Dear California,

Thank you for your interest in the great state of Georgia. I’m writing to let you know your attempts to undermine our special congressional election for the vacated sixth district seat fell woefully short. In other words, you failed to #FlipTheSixth.

Bless your hearts. A defeat like that must sting like the dickens, but this should bouy your spirits: in the race for most money raised, John Ossoff blew Congresswoman-elect Karen  Handel out of the water thanks to y’all. [RELATED: John Ossoff Reported Three Times as Many Donations from SF Bay Area than Georgia in Two Months] Evidently the number of donations you Golden Staters made to your golden boy’s campaign dwarfed the financial support he received from actual Georgians. Unfortunately, political contributor or not, one must actually live (cough…Ossoff…cough) in Georgia’s sixth district to vote in it.

So thank you, California, for your interest in the great state of Georgia. Thank you for helping us to see our sixth district House race as a referendum on the election of President Donald Trump. It seems I’m not the only one to notice the irony.

You may be interested to know that we, the people who actually live in the sixth congressional district, elected the first Republican woman to the United States House of Representatives from the great state of Georgia. We elected Karen Handel. In spite of your money and your meddling…


#GA06  #GlassCeiling  #Persist  #TheFlipFlopped


To the minions claiming democratic victory because Handel “should have won by a landslide,” last I checked “close” only matters in horseshoes and hand grenades. #TheFlipFlopped


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