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Have you seen this? It’s a one minute and 57 second video produced by Hollaback! a non-profit organization dedicated to stomping out traumatic “street harassment” committed against women. ISIS is running around beheading people and the U.S. currently has the largest number of Ebola cases in the world outside of West Africa and terrorists are entering our country via the unsecured Mexican border, but apparently what keeps the folks over at Hollaback! awake a night is the impending threat presented by guys whistling at cute girls. Scary, I know.

Anyway, this one minute and 57 second video documents the (insert sarcasm) myriad and heinous street harassment women are subjected to when they walk around on the streets of NYC wearing tight, black clothes for ten hours straight because…  are there really women who do this? No wonder men are confused these days.

Now watch this.

I’m not a big fan of the F word, but this guy makes valid points.

And now here’s my assessment of this little social experiment. Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that in ten hours of filming, these “social scientists” collected less than two minutes of documented “street harassment?” Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem like very much and I’d bet my last dollar that if there was more available we’d be seeing it. Radical liberal feminists are not inclined to hold back.

The thing is, if one minute and 57 seconds worth of “street harassment” video is all they collected after ten hours of this chick parading around NYC in a skimpy black t-shirt and a pair of jeans so tight she’s at risk of a urinary tract infection, I’d have to say that’s not much of a problem. In fact, I’d have to say the Hollabackers fell miserably short of proving their apparent thesis that men are a bunch of catcalling misogynistic pigs who traumatize women in tight pants and skimpy black t shirts. Less than two minutes in ten hours is all they got?!

Here’s another question for you. When did pleasantries like hi or hello or (heaven help us) God bless you become harassment? And another thing. I’m not disputing there are guys (the entire cast of The Jersey Shore immediately comes to mind) who traumatize women (although “traumatize” seems a tad dramatic) with profane catcalling, but I can’t help wondering whatever happened to the concept of a little harmless flirting?

This whole project wreaks of the sort of thing for which radical, liberal feminists (i.e.wackadoodles) have become (in)famous: fabricating injustices against women WHERE NO INJUSTICE EXISTS. It’s been the radical liberal feminists’ modus operandi for four decades and if you ask me it’s getting kind of boring. I get it though, because making up stuff is the only way they have to propagate their radical liberal feminist ideology (i.e. myth) and to keep their flailing agenda alive because… here’s a newsflash:


Frankly, as I was watching it, I had a stronger impulse to slap the chick in this video for behaving rudely than I had to slap any of her so-called male offenders. What a waste of time (I’d say talent, but there was none involved) and money.

So here’s some advice for my sons and all the other guys out there trying to sift through the maelstrom of radical liberal feminist film-flam. It’s okay to smile at a woman you pass on the street. It’s okay to politely say hello. It’s even okay to tell a woman she is beautiful. It’s okay to do these things because… here’s another newsflash:


Yup. Regardless of what the main stream media would have you think, women actually like to be treated…sit down, fellas… like women. I know. It’s counterintuitive, but trust me on this because I’m going to let you in on a little secret. While modern women (myself included) expect to be treated as your equals, we also really like it when you guys make us make us feel loved, appreciated and pretty. There. I said it. We are suckers for the guy who brings us flowers, sings us love songs, takes us on real dates, opens doors, offers his coat, kills the spiders and yes, TELLS US WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. For the record, doing any of these things for me is NOT going to get you in trouble.

There is, however, one important caveat. Never…NEVER… attempt to romance or compliment a radical, liberal feminist because inevitably she will slap you and berate you for being a misogynistic pig. In fact, whenever possible keep the heck away from liberal feminists altogether. If you see one coming your way, head for the hills because… here’s a newsflash:


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