National Pastry Day

Today is National Pastry Day and according to the folks at National Day Calendar (the authoritative source for official holidays commemorating obscure and unusual anniversaries) the best way to celebrate is with your favorite pastry. Here’s a cream puff on me. Watch.

Sarah Silverman hosts a weekly Hulu show titled, I Love America with Sarah Silverman. During her opening monologue on December 7, she described having an intense visceral reaction to watching an ex-boyfriend raise an American flag in his yard. It happened many years ago, but evidently she’s still thinking about it because she recalled feeling weird, scared and shaken at this seemingly simple act of patriotism. Having no idea why, she called her sister, Susie, who “knows shit” because she is a rabbi in Israel. Rabbi Susie explained, “Dude, nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews. Think about it. Flags. Marching. Blind allegiance. These things tend to ring a bell for us.”

Obviously the reason Silverman freaked out over her boyfriend’s American flag has everything to do with being Jewish and nothing, as one might argue, to being a weak, irrational, ineffectual person who still can’t accept the 2016 election results… a.k.a cream puff. Bless her heart…

While there certainly are Americans who wave the flag for all the wrong reasons, Silverman’s implied sweeping generalization that American patriotism is a few steps shy of Nazism is a tired and horribly misguided argument. Likewise, her timing has not gone unnoticed. Just one day prior to the aforementioned episode aired on December 7, POTUS officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which means very soon Old Glory will be flying high over the American Embassy there. I’m betting Bibi Netanyahu, who “knows shit” because he is the Prime Minister of Israel, might have a different philosophy than Rabbi Susie when it comes to Jews, patriotism, nationalism and yes, even American exceptionalism.

Happy #NationalPastryDay. Have a cream puff on me.

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