#ReadyForKanye #WeAreDoomed

What do you get when hoards of status-seeking, grandiose, loud-mouthed, brash, flamboyant narcissists gather in one room to pay homage to themselves?

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards!

Remember back in 2010 when Lady Gaga’s ensemble, right down to the platform demi-boots and purse, was made entirely of raw meat?

If you can believe it, that whacky dress is on display at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Don’t worry though, it’s not crawling with maggots. According to the Director of Collections, the dress was transported in a climate-controlled truck to keep it from decomposing and then taxidermied, that is, preserved like beef jerky. If only Gaga knew you could make dresses out of SaranWrap, she could’ve maybe wrapped herself up and extended the shelf life. Maybe worn it a few more times before donating it. read more