Get a Haircut

I apologize in advance to all the hipster dudes and hipster-dude-girlfriends and hipster-dude-wives for what you are about to read.

I’m not a fan of the man bun. Seriously. Get a haircut. Wear a hat. Just please… lose the man bun.

Man buns are ridiculous. This has been my opinion since the very first time I saw one back in 2003. It was on David Beckham, but since professional soccer players – excuse me, football players – are obnoxiously annoying by nature anyway, I gave him a pass on the man bun. Still, the minute I saw him, I thought he looked ridiculous. Why would an otherwise good-looking guy choose to wear an up-do, I wondered? Before long equally ridiculous-looking man buns were popping up on the heads of men everywhere in all walks of life from Hollywood elite to regular Joes. I kept my opinion to myself because to each his own, right? Plus, if nothing else, a guy sporting a man bun seems kinda harmless. Probably not what your average dude wants to hear, but it’s true. read more