Dancing With the Ordinary People

Originally published on 9/22/2010

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars and for reasons I can’t explain, I really want to be a contestant on this show. I know what you’re thinking. This woman hasn’t got a chance…she’s not a star, she’s just an ordinary person.

It’s true. I am precisely just an ordinary person. I have an ordinary life, which I live each day in an ordinary way. I’ve never walked on the moon, won Olympic gold, or starred in a blockbuster movie. I’m not a reality television celebrity, never headlined the cast of a Broadway play, hosted a talk show, have all my limbs and I am not the daughter, mother, wife or ex-wife of somebody famous. I’m not an aging entertainer, a has been, nor a wannabe. I simply am ordinary and Just Another Ordinary Day is my blog. read more