Originally published on 9/30/2010

Michael Bolton, one of the few legitimate stars in the celebrity cast of Dancing with the Stars this season, was eliminated this week. Okay, so he’s no Baryshnikov, but Bruno didn’t need to be so catty either. At least Bolton’s a real honest to goodness star, a talented singer, songwriter and musician.

I was sorry to see him go for that reason alone. I really don’t have a problem with the smattering of “stars-once-removed” who contend for the mirrored disco ball trophy each season. Folks like Laila Ali, Heather Mills (the ex Mrs. McCartney), and Bristol Palin simply do not bother me for some reason. My pet peeve is that regular ordinary people who have not an ounce of talent (like yours truly) get to be on the show (and I don’t). read more