She Wants To Be President

Originally published on May 26, 2014.

I saw the quote below by HRC this morning. It struck a nerve when I first heard it, as a new mother and housewife back in 1992, and more than two decades later it still makes me irritable.

I have no problem with a woman choosing to pursue a career outside the home or choosing to juggle the responsibilities of home and professional life. What I resent is radical, liberal utlra-feminists (a.k.a the false prophets of feminism), who consider themselves superior to those of us who choose to dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the vocation of full-time mother and housewife (dirty words, I know). I resent a woman, deemed by many as worthy of running for President of the United States of America, who trivializes motherhood, reducing it to “baking cookies and having teas.” And liberals have the audacity to accuse conservatives of waging a war on women? read more