Open Letter to Jonathan Gruber on Milton Friedman

Dear Dr. Gruber,

If you can spare 12 or 13 minutes, I encourage you to watch the following videos clips of noted economist, Dr. Milton Friedman. You might learn something, plus I’m sure you will find them a welcome respite from the plethora of embarrassing videos of yourself floating about cyberspace lately.

Unlike yours, but like most other prominent economists’, Milton Friedman’s name is not a common household moniker. Do you know of him? I imagine you do, being an economics professor at MIT and all. read more

Word of the Day: gruber

A new word has cemented itself into American-English vernacular. The word is…

gruber  (grü ber)


  1. something intended to deceive or defraud;
  2. an arrogant liar


  1. to perpetuate a deception or hoax; to hoodwink

Synonyms: fraud, fake, Nancy Pelosi


  • Only now has the whole story of the fantastic Obamacare gruber been disclosed.

  • In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Nancy Pelosi continues to gruber about Gruber.
  • read more

    Net Neutrality? Really?

    The first time I heard the phrase “net neutrality” was in this Daily Caller article: Comcast, Time-Warner Tank After Obama Announces Net Neutrality Support. Normally “net neutrality” would sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s a little too PC for my taste, but I confess when I first read that net neutrality means reclassifying ISPs as utilities, I thought it actually could be a good thing for broadband customers because…

    Remember this?

    Haven’t we all had similar experiences with our ISPs? Seriously, does anybody like Comcast? Or AT&T? Or Time-Warner? I know I don’t and, products and services aside, it always makes me wonder how these companies manage to stay in business with such egregious report cards when it comes to customer service. read more