Top Ten 2017 Super Bowl Ads

Last year, I published the first ever official Just Another Ordinary Day List of Top Ten Super Bowl Ads.  I anticipated it would be an annual tradition published each year on the Monday immediately following the big game, but compiling this year’s list has proven to be no easy task. It’s why I’m a week late.

Super Bowl Sundays historically provide us with bumper crops of captivating ads…the kind you remember for years to come… like this one from 1995, but…

…not this year. I’m not certain who lost their creative edge and sense of humor… the advertisers or me… but somebody did because this yield of $5-million-dollar-a-pop ads left me overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Anyway, I promised myself this would be a tradition and since I never break a promise (even to myself) I present the second official Just Another Ordinary Day List of Top Ten Super Bowl Ads. read more

Welcome to the Bieber Hood

Originally published February 21, 2014.

There’s a good chance I might run into Justin Bieber at Publix this weekend because he moved into my neighborhood. Okay, so maybe not exactly my neighborhood, but definitely my neck of the woods. He signed a three-month lease on Dallas Austin’s iconic mansion and quietly moved in last week because, you know, he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself or anything while he’s house hunting in Buckhead. Because living in a place that looks more like the Star Ship Enterprise than an actual house isn’t conspicuous or anything. read more