The World According to Lulu: Everything’s Better with Bacon

Hello. My name is Lulu. I am a dog.

I live in a house. With a yard. With two humans. They are mommy human and daddy human. They are my family. They love me.

I take my humans on long walks everyday. Sometimes I take daddy human. Sometimes I take mommy human. Sometimes I take them both.

This morning I took mommy human on a walk.

She was walking kind of funny like I did that time I stepped on the ant hill last summer. A bunch of ants came running out and bit my paw over and over again. You wouldn’t think a bite from a tiny little ant would hurt very much. WRONG. It hurt so bad. I held my hurt paw off the ground and hobbled along on three legs. I didn’t see mommy human step on an ant hill, but I I know she was hurting because she hobbled along on our walk this morning just like I did last summer. read more