The World According to Lulu: I Am a Cheetah

Hello. My name is Lulu. I am a dog cheetah.

This is a picture of me wearing my new cheetah collar.

Mommy human says cheetahs are the fastest animals on earth. They are built for grace and speed. Like me. Note the similarities.

The mommy human also says cheetah collars are the latest in doggie couture which makes me a fashionista. I do not know what that means, but I know wearing my cheetah collar makes me feel extra spunky…like I am the fastest animal on earth.

I. Am. A. Cheetah. read more

Life with Lulu: Lulu’s Ballroom Adventure

This is the tail tale of Lulu’s Ballroom Adventure. Shortly after Lulu wedged herself my heart (which was about a minute after she came to live with us) my husband (let’s call him The Dancing Doc) and I (a.k.a. The Dancing Housewife) danced in a local one day ballroom competition. [RELATED POST: The Story of the Dancing Housewife and the Dancing Doc]

As luck would have it the competition was being held in a pet friendly hotel so rather than torturing some poor unsuspecting dog sitter (Lulu suffers from separation anxiety…more on this later) for an entire weekend, we threw caution to the wind and decided to bring her with us. read more