To Shave or Microwave? That Is the Question

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To shave or not to shave? Female armpits have become a  battleground for gender neutrality warriors and considering the hoards of radical-feminists proudly tweeting photos of themselves sporting psychedelic floccularity, you might guess they’re winning. [RELATED POST: Free Your Pits]

WRONG. Recent studies indicate 99 percent of American women still voluntarily remove hair from their legs and underarms and many of them take extreme measures to get the job done. Enter miraSmooth™.

To shave or microwave? That is the new, hip question. read more

The War on Pubic Hair

I have it on good authority that bros are shaving their nether regions. I can’t say on whose authority because I promised not to name names, but according to this person manscaping has become something of a cultural norm for males under age 30. I’m not talking about waxing to tidy up edges and keep stubborn strays from peeking out tight-whitey leg holes. THAT I can handle. I’m talking about shearing the full monty… complete hairlessness. Bald.

SHAVING-SAYS-A-LOT-ABOUT-A-MAN-LIKE-IM-NOT-ONE-THUMBCall me old fashioned: dudes should not be shaving south of the border. Period. End of discussion. Yet, they are and it makes met wonder. What is prompting this declaration of war on pubic hair? Is it a passing fad spawned by man-thongs and greased up Calvin Klein underwear models? Or is it the manifestation of a psychosocial desire to return to the care-free days of childhood (a.k.a Peter Pan Syndrome)? Maybe it’s a misguided attempt at hygiene? Whatever. It’s still a bad idea, not to mention a wee bit confusing. read more