First Vagina Cookies. Now Vagina Yogurt. What’ll They Think of Next?

cecilia westbrookRemember the psycho snack mom who came unglued and started screaming about about vagina pride when her kid’s second grade teacher refused to serve the anatomically-correct vagina cookies she baked? If she wasn’t wackadoodle enough for you, please meet Cecilia Westbrook. And her vagina yogurt.

Yes. I said vagina yogurt. 

Ms. Westbrook is a self-described feminist (of course) and psychology graduate student whose research interests include the interaction of emotion and cognition in the development of mood (that would be mood not food) disorders. Apparently she got the idea to make vagina yogurt last August when she and a college friend were sitting around “riffing on vagina puns” (TRANSLATION: speaking amusingly about their vaginas) because duh… that’s what FEMINISTS do.   read more