The Best Super Bowl Ad You Never Saw

I woke up this morning to this headline at the top of my newsfeed.

Almost Nobody Caught This Super Bowl Ad, But When You See It, It Will Leave You In Tears!

Given we just published JAOD’s Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2018, the headline grabbed my attention. I read the article and sure enough, I’d completely missed this powerfully poignant Doritos ad featuring wounded American veterans. Odd. Unlike most folks, I make a point of visiting the bathroom and fixing snacks during the actual game so I can plant myself firmly in front of the tube during the commercial breaks. All of this I do with the express intention of NOT missing a single ad and yet, I missed this one. Like I said… odd.

I went back to my DVR, fast forwarded through the game and took a quick inventory of the ads that had aired during Super Bowl LII on Sunday night. Sure enough I hadn’t missed a single one of them. In fact, the only ad from Doritos was the one with Peter Dinklage (Doritos Blaze) and Morgan Freeman (Mountain Dew) rap battling.

Hmmm. As it turns out, the other ad – the one featuring wounded veterans – never even aired. According to a Huffington Post article, Limbitlless, produced by the creative folks at Adaptive Training Foundation was submitted to Dorito’s 2016 Crash the Super Bowl contest. [RELATED POST: The BEST Super Bowl 50 Commercial (sic) That No One Saw Highlights Adaptive Athletes]

Crash the Super Bowl contest entries are judged on a specific set of advertising criteria. In 2016 – the last year of the contest after a 10-year run – three finalists were selected from over 4500 ads submitted. The winning ad received the much coveted 30 second spot during the Big Game. Check them out.

Third Runner Up: Swipe for Doritos

Second Runner Up: Doritos Ultrasound

2016 Official Crash the Super Bowl Contest Winner: Doritos Dogs

Limbitlless didn’t make the final cut so we never saw it. Still it’s a fantastic ad with a strong message that deserves to be seen.

To learn more about the Adaptive Training Foundation or to make a donation visit

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