The World According to Lulu: Meet Patrick Starfish

Hello. My name is Lulu. I am a dog. Welcome to my world.

I live in a house. With a yard. With two humans. They are mommy human and daddy human. They are my family. They love me.

Today I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Patrick Starfish. He arrived last week. He is part of my family. I love him.
My best friend forever is Josie. I love Josie. I get excited when I see Josie. Josie is a dog. Like me. She lives in my neighborhood. In a house with a yard and two humans. She also has a new friend. His name is Augie. Augie is a puppy. I call him Augie-doggie.

Auggie-doggie runs and poops like me and Josie. Mommy human wants to get me a friend who runs and poops like Augie-doggie, but daddy human says Patrick Starfish is better because he does not run or poop. This confuses me because daddy human loves to watch me run (I’ve heard him tell mommy human). And he collects my poop in bags that smell like flowers [Related post: The World According to Lulu: Hello, My Name is Lulu]. I think watching two dogs run and collecting twice as much poop would make daddy human twice as happy. It is my mission to make him realize this. Look deep into my eyes, daddy human and repeat after menew puppy…new puppy…new puppy…
…but for now I am happy to love Patrick Starfish.

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