Top Ten 2017 Super Bowl Ads

Last year, I published the first ever official Just Another Ordinary Day List of Top Ten Super Bowl Ads.  I anticipated it would be an annual tradition published each year on the Monday immediately following the big game, but compiling this year’s list has proven to be no easy task. It’s why I’m a week late.

Super Bowl Sundays historically provide us with bumper crops of captivating ads…the kind you remember for years to come… like this one from 1995, but…

…not this year. I’m not certain who lost their creative edge and sense of humor… the advertisers or me… but somebody did because this yield of $5-million-dollar-a-pop ads left me overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Anyway, I promised myself this would be a tradition and since I never break a promise (even to myself) I present the second official Just Another Ordinary Day List of Top Ten Super Bowl Ads.

#10 Tom Brady Everyday  Even though this commercial, pitching Intel’s 360 Technology, probably deserves to be ranked higher, I’m from Atlanta and I can tell you a slo-mo clip of Tom Brady waking up and getting out of bed is NOT what Falcons fans expected to get out of chanting Rise Up. Honestly, if finding decent ads this year wasn’t such a chore, this one probably wouldn’t have made yours truly’s Top Ten. Even if I wasn’t pulling for the Dirty Birds, Tom Brady needs no help from me or Intel 360 to be epic.

#9 Go Further  This year Ford decided to create a commercial touting the brand’s innovation, which focused on the universal truth that no one likes being stuckThe tag line: we’re going further…so you can. It wasn’t really anything to write home about, but it stuck in my head because it’s so different from the traditional car ads used to promote specific makes and models of vehicles. 

#8 Inside These Lines I love this ad from the National Football League. I believe many of life’s most profound lessons are learned through competitive sports. This ad conveys that sentiment by connecting a series of conditional sentences to emotional images from the field of play.

  • Inside these lines, we don’t have to come from the same place to help each other reach the same destination.
  • Inside these lines we may have our differences, but recognize there’s more that unites us.

And my favorite (particularly given our country’s current polarized political climate)…

  • Inside these lines we’re not only defined by our victories, but by the way we handle our defeats.

Cough (whining liberals) cough, cough.

 #7 No Need for Extreme Measures  Who hasn’t contemplated faking their own death to escape their cellular contract, right? Sprint effectively bashes Verizon for its rigid cellular contracts, but what makes this ad really clever is the fact that Sprint poached former Verizon pitchman, Paul Marcarelli, to convey their message, You could have just switched to Sprint, which obviously Marcarelli did. The comedic timing of the captions that flash across the bottom of the screen is also priceless … Do not attempt this and Yes. Extremely illegal.

#6 Not So Pee Wee Football  Like Ford, Buick went for brand promotion vs. a product pitch this year. The ad, starring Cam Newton and Miranda Hall, wasn’t as startlingly humorous as last year’s, featuring the new Cascada and starring Odell Beckham, Jr. and Emily Ratajkowski, but it’s still pretty funny. Plus, who doesn’t love the slapstick hilarity of little kids scrambling around in football helmets? [Related post: Top Ten 2016 Super Bowl Ads]

#5 Unlimited Moves with Celebration Expert, Justin Bieber Just when you thought Jusitin Bieber had quietly faded away, he pops up in a T-Mobile ad with Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens. The best part…when you tweet a clip of your own best touchdown dance along with #UnlimitedMoves, you could be re-tweeted by the Biebs! Last I checked he still has something like 64 million followers so a timely re-tweet might render enough attention to land you a gig on Dancing with the Stars.

#4 Super Bowl Baby Legends was inspired by last year’s Super Bowl Babies Choir, which depicted a montage of choirs composed of folks of all ages who were born 9 months after their teams won the Super Bowl. WATCH.

That campaign was clever and funny. This one, which pays homage to great football legends by depicting them as babies. It’s funny with major cute factor, although facial hair on toddlers can be a trifle unsettling. Still, gotta love the tag line: Football is family.

#3 Mr. Clean’s Cleaner of Your Dreams because there is nothing sexier than a man who cleans the house…so I don’t have to.

#2 Bai Bai Bai  Christopher Walken’s hair and the whole NSYNC connection notwithstanding, I honestly don’t know why this one is so funny. It just is.

#1 Romance the Rainbow  The best things about this ad are the burglar, the ground hog, and the fact that in spite of cell phones making the practice obsolete, everybody still gets the whole guy-throwing-pebbles-at-girl’s-window-to-get-her-attention thing, proving romance never goes out of style.

So there you have it. Just Another Ordinary Day’s official Top Ten 2017 Super Bowl Ads, but before you go, check out my picks for overall Creepiest and Most Unsettling Ad of the bunch and Best Feel Good Ad.

Creepiest and Most Unsettling: Fifty Shades of Wireless with Kristen Schaal  This time it’s t-Mobile taking the swipe at Verizon, but unlike Sprint’s campaign, this one falls miserably short.

Best Feel Good Ad: A Better Super Bowl Kudos to Hyundai for reminding us that Super Bowl Sunday would not be possible were it not for the folks who willingly serve our country. Watching the Super Bowl is amazing, but watching it with the ones you love is better.  No I’m not crying. I’ve got something in my eye…I mean both eyes.

If you think there’s an ad that didn’t make the list and should have or one that deserves special recognition in a category of its own, let me know. Leave a note or post a YouTube link in the comment section.

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