Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2018

Welcome to the third annual Just Another Ordinary Day official Top Ten Super Bowl Ads blog post! [RELATED POSTS: Top Ten 2016 Super Bowl Ads and Top Ten 2017 Super Bowl Ads]

The tradition of publishing this list began in 2016, but the task has gotten increasingly difficult as Super Bowl ads have become less and less inspiring. Hysterical ads featuring personified animals, especially dogs, were noticeably absent this year and most attempts at humor and poignancy fell miserably short of memorable. There were a few gems that may prove to stand the test of time, but for the most part, this year’s crop of $5-million-a-pop Super Bowl ads was collectively forgettable. Anyway, here are this year’s picks and if you think we missed anything, please be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

#10 Dilly dilly! The final installment (than goodness) in the Bud Light Dilly dilly! series of ads in which Bud Knight saves the day is definitely not one of Budweiser’s best. It’s not even close to Whaaasssuup? or that Bud-weis-er-croaking-bullfrogs-in-a-swamp ad, but I don’t watch Game of Thrones which means I never appreciated the whole dilly-dilly thing when the campaign started way back in August, so maybe it’s me.

#9 Alexa Loses Her Voice. The ridiculousness of Amazon’s ad for their iteration of a digital assistant is precisely what makes it comically brilliant. The consensus here at JAOD, however, is it would have been a lot funnier without the bit with Rebel Wilson’s duhtee double entendre. #NotSuitableForPrimetime

#8 Tourism Australia. Because who wouldn’t want to see a remake of Crocodile Dundee with Chris Hemsworth, Danny McBride and an ensemble of incredible Aussie actors, right? Except it’s not a real movie trailer. It’s a plug for tourism in The Land Down Under!  Very clever, Australia, you got me. Plus who doesn’t want to see an ad with Chris Hemsworth… oh yeah, and all those other Australians and what’s-his-name, that American guy, too.

#7 Pringles. Why eat a real barbecue chicken pizza with jalapeños when you can achieve the same flavor experience with Pringles? I’d still rather eat pizza, but this ad is among the funnier of the bunch. I can’t explain it. It just is.  

#6 Perfect Fit with Chris Pratt. I’ve liked this guy since I got to know him as the awkward Andy Dwyer in NBC’s quirky sitcom, Parks and Recreation. Is he the “perfect fit” for the role of Michelob Ultra spokesperson? Watch the ad to find out.

#5 Guacamole World. The Avocados from Mexico folks came up with another winner. Not as funny as years past, but still among the best of 2018. And who hasn’t felt this way when arriving home from the grocery store to realize you forgot the chips. I know I have.

#4 No Gymtimidation. Although this Planet Fitness ad was released in 2016, it aired during coverage of this year’s Super Bowl LII. Plus it’s funnier than most of the legit 2018 ads so it’s on the list. Period.

#3 Good Odds. Did you know the odds of winning a Paralympic Gold medal are 1 billion to 1? Paralympic skier, Lauren Woolstencroft beat those odds eight times. Does her story make me want to go out and buy a Toyota? Nope, but this ad makes me want to learn a whole lot more about Mobility for All, Toyota’s mission to give all humankind the freedom to move through innovative mobility solutions.

#2 It’s a Tide Ad. It might be a typical Super Bowl car ad. It might be a hilarious beer commercial. It might be an ad for a sexy designer fragrance or something else. It might be an ad for a lot of stuff, but it’s not because…no stains… clean clothes… and if it’s clean, it must be a Tide ad. Now maybe folks will stop eating those pods and just do some laundry. [RELATED POST: The REAL Tide Pod Challenge]

#1 Touchdown Celebrations To Come. The NFL’s ad featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. working on that thing (choreography for next season’s touchdown celebration dance) is hands down the best Super Bowl ad of 2018. My favorite part comes at 00:00:37 when, watching from the sidelines, Landon Collins says, “Just let ’em dance.” It might be funnier than United Healthcare’s wet-your-pants hysterical 2015 Dirty Dancing parody. Watch both and decide for yourself.

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