Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2020

PSYCHE! Sorry this is not the official unveiling of the Just Another Ordinary Day Top Ten Super Bowl Ads of 2020, but it’s coming. I promise.

For those of you who are new to JAOD, five years ago we began ranking and sharing the editorial staff’s ten favorite super bowl ads. We plan to carry on this annual tradition, but we’re a little behind. Not only did I not watch the Super Bowl live this year (we hosted a party so I was busy), I’ve yet to find the time to fast forward through the recorded game, resuming normal play speed at the commercials, in order to make a full and proper assessment. While I figure out a way to carve two consecutive hours in one day to spend on this project, we thought we’d post a recap of past year’s winners. Following are links to the those posts. Enjoy and stay tuned for 2020’s list!

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