Who writes this stuff?

profile picWho writes this stuff? Antoinette Datoc, that’s who. This full-time housewife, mother and Dancing with the Stars fanatic began chronicling her escapades in 2009. Her ulterior motive in launching a blog was to become famous… not paparazzi-infiltrating-suburban-neighborhood famous, just famous enough to garner an invitation to join the DWTS cast of celebrity contestants. Forced to confront the sad truth that being recognized as “that lady who writes the funny blog” at deli counters and dry cleaners across metro Atlanta was NOT famous enough for the producers of DWTS, she abandoned her not-so-hidden agenda in favor of simply sharing stories and wisdom (okay maybe not wisdom) purely for the fun of it and (hopefully) for the entertainment of others. It turned out, however, the domestic-diva-super-savvy-baseball-mom, found her way to the ballroom anyway. If you like Just Another Ordinary Day, you might also like her other blog The Dancing Housewife, which is dedicated to all things ballroom, including her own exploits on the dance floor.