You Farted in Kroger Yesterday…I’d Love to Meet Up

Boy sees girl in grocery store. Boy finds girl very attractive. Boy accuses girl of farting in bread section. Girl denies farting and storms off in angry manner before boy gets her name and phone number. Boy posts Missed Connection ad on Craigslist to find her. Sounds like the premise for a hit romantic comedy, right? Wrong. It’s a real life missed connection.

Remember when missed connection meant you’d missed the second leg of an indirect flight? Evidently it has another meaning now. According to Wikipedia (so it must be true)

“a missed connection is a type of personal advertisement which arises after two people meet but are too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details.”

Missed Connection columns are popping up in all sorts of places and not just on Craigslist. You can find them online, in print and there are even missed connection apps available for your smart phone.

It’s not just an American phenomenon either. Folks trying to connect with complete strangers, with whom they’ve had a brief chance encounter involving a smile or a single glance, has been happening across the pond too. London’s Metro newspaper publishes Rush Hour Crush, a column designated for folks who make eye contact and nothing else while commuting to and from work on public transportation. Turning a missed connection into a love connection seems like a long shot, but Metro claims Rush Hour Crush  has been instrumental in several marriage proposals including tall rugby player who popped the question to the beautiful lady in the red dress with long brown curly hair. [Read More: Metro’s Rush Hour Crush Sparks Marriage Proposal]

I’m told by my single friends dating is tough nowadays. You-smiled-at-me-on-the-subway ads (a term coined by Craiglist CEO, Jim Buckmaster) reflect that feeling of desperation to meet and connect with decent people. These ads represent hope, longing and the common human desire to love and be loved. They are poignant and often very, very funny, but mostly they remind me how lucky I am to be happily married.


Kudos to boy for not letting one fart foil his chance at true love.

Do you know anyone who turned a missed connection into a love connection? Share your stories and thoughts in the comment section below.

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